About Us

Professional Technology

Professional Technology recently introduce as an IT distributor organization in Bangladesh. Professional Technology is one of the renowned organizations in the IT and software Market in the locality of Dhaka. Formally we commenced our journey since 2015 with genius software engineers and efficient marketing experts.We are also member of Bangladesh Computer Samity Member No. 1454. We develop various office maintains software and import different types of quality computer accessories for different customers' demand. Professional Technology considers quality support & solutions and best customer services.

Our Vision

  • Professional Technology will be dedicated to becoming a company that is recognized and respected by employees, dealers, customers, and the society.
  • We strive for the balance between company expansion and the development of society through consistent operations in compliance with laws, effective environmental protection programs and fruitful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.
  • We constantly create value for customers through innovation, process improvement and employee development.
  • We are committed to bring partners’ sound and long-term returns via continued improvement of our business operations.
  • We respect employees' personalities, invest in their career development and quality of life, and offer competitive rewards based on their contributions.

Our Mission

Establish “PROTEC” as the leading IT product brand and “PROSOFT” as leading software brand to every nook and corner of the country.

Our Objective

We always focus on the customer thinking about a product and software and always happy to provide it for them. We ensure the quality product and support as the customers’ dream. To ensure sustainable situation for all the company’s stakeholder. We offer value for money in terms of product quality and after sales service.

Environment and Safety

We always care about the working environment and proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment and employee refreshment. Our organization has strong safety of the employees in every step of career.